Who are we?

Our mission

If we want to preserve offroad racing for generations to come, we have to make a change! Noise and pollution are a big source of nuisance and cause the sport to lay under attack. The electric future in offroad racing is slowly getting up to speed, however, one major issue remains; a limited range. But not with the STERN electric motorcycle! 


We want to change the sport with powerful electric motorcycles that have a swappable battery pack creating a virtually infinite range!

The future is electric and does not have to be short!


With a team of four founders we wanted to bring our knowledge of electric motorcycles, gained during our studies, and our passion for offroad racing to the market. Our motto; “To finish first, first you have to finish!” So let’s make it happen.
Tim Veldhuis


Anne Bulten


Thomas Maas

Founder/Lead engineer

Jan Veenhuis


Join our mission

Do you want to join our mission? We are always open to talk about potential careers, new projects and promising collaborations so if you have potential, please reach out.